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In the near future, gaming applications for the phone will grow faster than computer and console applications. And that's why:
The lowest barrier to entry - more than 2/5 of the world's population owns smartphones, and many games are free to play.

The creation process is less complicated, so it is unlikely that there will be problems due to the next lockdown or the geopolitical situation.

The price of developing a game on a phone is lower than on a PC, which means that you can take a chance and try a new idea.
Game types:



Match-3, bubble shooter, chain, block breaker

Assault (bright representative - Clash of Clans)





Hidden objects and others
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Andrey Malykh
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Daniel Pele
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Each genre has its fans, its recognizable interface and its monetization methods. Depending on the purpose of the project, there are two groups:
Commercial - created to generate income from players. The main factors in the development: analysis of competitors, determination of the target audience.

Marketing - to increase company awareness, product announcements, audience analysis. An interesting idea, design, plot associated with the brand is important here.

We make games of both categories. Calculate how much the project costs, even from a verbal description
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